Birmingham restaurant receive order for breaching Covid-19 laws

The Tipu Sultan restaurant is the first business to receive a Direction Order from Birmingham City Council.

It was found to be breaching Covid-19 guidelines.

New powers from government means that the council and police may investigate reports of business premises which are failing to comply with Covid-secure risk assessments and, if necessary, reduce the numbers of people present, restrict numbers in areas of the premises or close the premises.

The Tipu Sultan restaurant was issued with a Direction Order yesterday (27 August), after officers responded to approximately 25 reports of events being held at the premises with significantly more people than the government guidance of a maximum of 30 in any gathering.

The inspection also found that safety measures detailed within the restaurants risk assessment had not been implemented all of the time, and that social distancing in the queue for entry and in waiting areas of the restaurant had not being maintained or controlled in an acceptable manner.

Head of Environmental Health, Mark Croxford said:

“Numerous reports have been made to the council, the police and local councillors that events are being held at Tipu Sultan with significantly more people than the government guidance of a maximum of 30 in any one party.”

As a result, at least 5 confirmed cases of Coronavirus have been linked to the premises over a period of 4 weeks. A Direction Order was necessary in order to protect against the spread of coronavirus.

I look forward to the Tipu Sultan making the required changes so that their staff and customers can have a more positive, safer experience.”

The Direction Order will come in to effect on Saturday (29 August), and stipulates that the restaurant must restrict entry into the premises; not allow bookings of more than 30 people, ensuring large parties are given a separate dining area; implement a booking system to prevent people from queuing outside; and use the booking system to allow time for tables to be thoroughly cleansed.

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