West Mids born Brad Baker releasing debut autobiography

West Mids born broadcaster Brad Baker, who sung alongside soul legend Patti LaBelle and presented TV hits such as Blood Sweat and Gears, is releasing his debut book.

The 26 year old has only now made the official announcement, after first mentioning the idea in a radio programme broadcast last year.

He said: “Boy, the hardest part of this is going to be what to include. On the phone this morning a colleague said to me, you’ve done more stuff in a decade most people do in a lifetime. She said you should write a book.”

“It gets mad then when on a separate WhatsApp message, a dear friend of mine from the publishing world said she is interested in publishing a book about my life.


Brad Baker (centre) with friend Robin Campbell of UB40 (left)

“It’s going to follow the ten years programme I was invited to do at the end of last year, so will include so many hilarious anecdotes from my career, including stories about the Blood Sweat and Gears crew, presenting radio programmes in the UK and overseas. There are so many stories from behind the scenes in radio.

“When you listen to the radio you have no idea what sort of madness goes on. I shall reveal all.

“I promise a disgraceful amount of name dropping and gossip.

“It’s not just going to be career stuff, there’s going to be loads of stuff about my personal life and also golden gems I hope can be passed on to the generations of tomorrow.

“I had a reflective moment recently when a lad came and asked me for career advice. It was a strange one. He told me he wants to make it as a DJ and is a good footballer.

“I said to him, if you’re good at football, you’d be mad entertaining the idea of becoming a jock.

“The wages players make. I said give football your all and then come back to me haha.”

Brad has presented adult contemporary radio for the BBC and commercial sector for the last decade.

In 2014 he was approached to go on Celebrity Big Brother through his agent. Due to other commitments, Brad couldn’t make that series but planned to go on a future installment, by which time the format had stopped airing.

Brad lives with his partner and collection of dogs. He’s a big fan of cars, passionate about travel and people.

10 Years Of Brad Baker is scheduled for nationwide release on November 1 2020.


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