Stourbridge author ‘chuffed’ to publish debut book

An Amblecote author’s mental graft has finally paid off as his first book is published.

Nick Nicholson, 60, is a linguist who has an interest in crime stories.

He has experience working in the criminal justice system and took it upon himself one weekend to open up the laptop and start typing away.

And type he did. Several weekends later his work has been published via Author House and is available to buy on Amazon.


Amblecote author’s first book

A review on the Amazon website reads:

“Superb crime novel. You can feel the author’s knowledge of the ins and outs of court procedures.

“The story feels real, not made up. Some sidekicks adding colour, plus the file rouge, dear Roy, either sleeping or bird watching. Brilliant.

“One of these “once you start you don’t put it aside” books. I hope the author will write another brilliant novel.”

Screenshot_20191110-005747_Amazon Shopping

His passion for crime stories made him want one of his own

Nicholson remembers the work in its making:

“I would write the book either in a toasty bedroom with the curtains drawn, the cat would bob in and out and I’d be at the far end of the bed typing away.

“If it wasn’t there, I’d be in the back room, which is pretty much my office with my desk against the window overlooking the garden.

“I’d drink my huge jug of herbal tea throughout the day and type away as much as I could.”

“It was difficult, though, because it put a lot of strain on my friendships. A book takes such a long time to write, so I didn’t see many of my friends. The time I did get off from work I wanted to dedicate to getting this book done.”

When asked whether he would consider another novel, he said “I think so, because it’s received great reception so far and you really must give the audience what they want.”

Chronicles Of A Death Not Foretold is out now under Authour House release.

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