“F**** off you white b****!” Chaos and disorder at Brum venue

Locals in Great Barr are ‘up in arms’ after an Asian wedding caused ‘traffic chaos, parking disruption and obstructions’ in the neighbourhood.

Four 999 calls were made within thirty minutes regarding the disorder at the Badshah Palace, according to officers.

Staff at the local Co-op Supermarket say they were racially abused with one saying she was called a “white b****,” after telling event guests they couldn’t park on their car park, as customers can’t park their cars and shop.

One man was warned he’ll face a voluntary police interview after the racial abuse reports were officially crimed by cops.

Disabled parking spaces were used illegally and many cars parked on verges, pavements and the middle of the road, say staff at Tower Hill Library.

It’s not the first time reports such as these have surfaced regarding events at the ceremonial venue.

Last month, a probe into the banqueting suite opened after reports fireworks had been set off outside the main entrance and caused visual difficulties for drivers on the A34 Walsall Road. The wind carried the blasts across the road towards houses, it was claimed.

One man confronted West Mids Live and enquired why we were taking pictures. He got a blank face and we carried on taking our pictures.

A construction worker told West Mids Live:

“There needs to be a clear opening in front of our site for vans to come in and out.

“They (guests) don’t particularly care about it, because they blocked the passage in and out.

“I’ve had to tell them that they can’t do this.

“I said to one man he can park his four by four up the side by the trees, so as not to be funny, but that’s it, because we won’t be able to access the site to bring supplies and materials in.

“They have no right to park here anyway, because it’s double yellows.”

A resident, said:

“It’s an absolute nightmare. It’s always happening and we’ve had enough. We can’t park here and we live here.

“They have no care at all for any of us here. They’ve ran out of car parking spaces on their car park, so they’ve took it upon themselves to park on the road, on the yellow lines, on the Co-op car park and even in the middle of the road.”

The owners of the venue were made aware of the issues and advised staff at the library and residents to call the police, as it was the family of the event that were causing issues and ‘had nothing do do with them.’

It’s a second blow for the suite, which could face closure from Birmingham City Council for continued disruption in the area.

It’s not confirmed at this time whether or not any action will be served upon the commercial site.

A manager at the local Co-op told West Mids Live:

“The police asked me whether I would accept an apology from the guy who was racist to me.

“I said ‘no way,’ because he’s only saying that now the police are here.

“At the time he was vicious and I was very polite and in my work uniform. There is no way I’m accepting an apology. I told the policeman I want him prosecuted.”

A series of flash cars were also revving whilst stationary causing smog. Cars were also papping their horns continuously, causing nuisance and upset, according to locals.


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