Woop woop for the West Mids Police dogs

A haul of drugs and weapons has been recovered during a Birmingham city centre crackdown involving the force’s crime-fighting canines!

The Digbeth neighbourhood team have been joined by the West Mids Police dogs team for targeted patrols in and around the Millennium Point area.

Officers have monitored suspicious behaviour and regularly searched the area alongside the furry ‘super sniffers.’

It has led to more than 100 bags of Class B drugs, worth tens of thousands of pounds, being seized while a handful of knives including a machete have also been recovered.

The increased visible presence in the city centre has seen a 20 per cent reduction in crime reports between April and June.


Sgt Simon Finney, from Birmingham Police, said:

“We have carried out these regular, targeted patrols following concerns over drugs, anti-social behaviour and robberies. 

“As a result we have managed to take tens of thousands of pounds of drugs off the streets and also seized potentially lethal weapons. 

“The support of the force’s police dogs has been invaluable alongside the eyes and ears of bobbies on the beat. 

“The dogs have helped trace drugs which were hidden underground in soil, and would otherwise not have been detected.

“This has been part of our ongoing efforts to tackle city centre crime and ensure it is a safe place for people to live, visit and work.”

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