Man jailed for manslaughter of new Birmingham dad

A man who attacked a new dad in a fight over a minor road prang – leaving him dying in the street – has been jailed.

Zakir Nawaz was set upon in Highfield Road, Washwood Heath, on 10 September 2016 by Warsame Mohamed and two associates he suspected were in a vehicle that earlier collided with a friend’s hire car.

Warsame Mohamed: jailed after admitting manslaughter

Warsame Mohamed: jailed after admitting manslaughter

The 21-year-old – who became a dad for the second time just 10 days before the attack – was repeatedly kicked, punched and stamped on by Mohamed before being stabbed in the chest.

Mr Nawaz was pronounced dead at the scene minutes later while Mohamed and suspected knifeman Abdulahi Shire drove away and later fled the country.

However, 23-year-old Mohamed – who is understood to have sought refuge in Holland – sneaked back into the UK and was arrested after police spotted him walking on the M40 in High Wycombe on 29 January this year.

Mohamed tried giving false details but checks revealed he was wanted over the murder and arrested.

The group’s Nissan Almera – damaged from the traffic collision – was found the day after the killing abandoned in Mendip Road. It had been stripped of its number plates and a failed attempt made to set fire to the car.

CCTV showed Abdulahi Shire (nearest kerb) and Mohamed (left) before they attacked Mr Nawaz

CCTV showed Abdulahi Shire (nearest kerb) and Mohamed (left) before they attacked Mr Nawaz

Forensics experts found Mohamed’s DNA on a pair of blood-stained jeans in the boot and a cigarette butt in the car’s ashtray, while his fingerprint was also recovered from a petrol canister in the boot.

A painstaking CCTV trawl showed the car’s movements before and after the attack, while facial mapping experts determined a strong likeness to Mohamed and the man caught on CCTV punching and kicking the victim.

Mohamed was due to stand trial for murder – with detectives arguing he played a ‘joint enterprise’ role despite not delivering the fatal stab wound – but a late guilty plea to manslaughter was accepted.

And at Birmingham Crown Court, he was given a four-and-a-half year jail sentence for manslaughter and two years for violent disorder, to run concurrently.

WMP is working with Europol to trace suspected knifeman Abdulahi Shire

WMP is working with Europol to trace suspected knifeman Abdulahi Shire 

Investigating officer, West Midlands Police Detective Sergeant Neil Aston, said Mohamed played a lead role in the brutal assault.

He added:

“He goes into the melee, throws lots of punches and can be seen on CCTV running off with the man we believed stabbed Mr Nawaz. Our argument was that he knew a member of his group was armed with a knife and was complicit in the killing.

“My detectives worked really hard to secure this conviction, scrutinising lots of CCTV to piece together a picture of what happened and called upon forensic and facial mapping experts to link Mohamed to the offence.

“Mohamed is the second man we’ve convicted over Mr Nawaz’s death. We are working with Europol in a bid to trace Abdulahi Shire and bring him back to the UK to stand trial for murder.”

A 29-year-old man was jailed in March 2017 for two years after admitting a charge of violent disorder in relation to the assault on Mr Nawaz.

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