How are speed cushions stopping anti social behavoiur in Sandwell?

Sandwell officers are celebrating the success of a collaboration to stop speeding in Wednesbury.

Local residents on Hallens Drive complained of the endless car cruising, noise issues and people congregating on the road with their cars to create a nuisance and danger to other road users.

Neighbourhood officers from Wednesbury came together with Sandwell Council to come up with a solution and – working with local automotive company Adient, who are also based on the road – proposed the idea of road cushions.

On Wednesday 29 May, several road cushions, much like speed bumps, were installed on the road with funding from the Highways department at Sandwell Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Active Citizens Fund.

Since the installation several weeks ago, there have been no more reported issues.

Sgt Giles Dean from the Wednesbury team, said:

“This was a truly collaborative effort thanks to funding from the council, local people, businesses and the PCC’s Active Citizens Fund.

“We continue to monitor the area and have had no further complaints of car cruising to date.”

The West Mids Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said: “Speed is one of the biggest killers on our roads and this community-led initiative, using money we have seized from criminals, will now ensure that the roads are a safer place for everyone.

“Road Safety is one of my top priorities for policing and I am committed to reducing the number of dangerous drivers and road deaths in our region. 

“The project is a great example of local people making a real difference to keep their community safe”. 

Local businesses are delighted that the installation has slowed down traffic and made it feel safer for any vehicles who need to turn.

Andrew Crooks from Adient, said:

“We are delighted with this outcome and in particular I am most grateful for the support from local police who have been the champions of getting action on the issue.”



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