Wolvo ‘saddo’ convicted of 12 sexual offences against girls under 13

A Willenhall ‘saddo’, who sexually assaulted two girls has been banged up for 18 years.

Neighbours described Dale Fellows, 34, as a ‘weirdo’ and a ‘sad loner.’

Fellows, of Rosehill Gardens, Willenhall, preyed on girls under the age of thirteen for almost ten years.

Officers have praised the courage of the victims in coming forward and reporting the crimes committed by Dale Fellows which spanned almost 10 years.



Dale Fellows is a ‘weirdo’ and a ‘sad loner,’ said neighbours.

The girls – who were both aged under 13 when they were abused – bravely recalled their experiences to specialist cops from the force’s public protection unit.

Officers were then able to build up evidence to charge Fellows who was convicted of 12 offences which included rape, sexual assaults and attempted rape between 2016 and 2017, against one of the girls.

The 34-year-old, of Rosehill Gardens, Willenhall, was also found guilty of three charges against the other victim between 2008 and 2015.

He was given a lengthy prison sentence at Wolverhampton Crown Court last Monday (3 June) and placed on the Sex Offender Register for life.

Sergeant Vicky Kelleher, from West Midlands Police, said:

“Without the courage of the victims in coming forward we would not have been able to bring Fellows to justice. 

“Their bravery enabled us to fully investigate and ensure no-one else will have to suffer sexual abuse at his hands in future. 

“The force has specialist officers to support victims and work tirelessly to ensure those responsible do not escape the full force of the law.” 

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