“Oink, oink” Police save a piglet’s bacon

Caring local police saved a piglet from a busy Coventry road, as cars swerved to miss the animal near the Canley area.

The life and death incident happened in the Canley area of the West Mids, prompting calls to the police.

Local officers sent to the rescue ‘spotted’ the little piggy at the junction of Gibbet Hill Road and Kenilworth Road, and managed to bundle him into the footwell of their police car.

PCs Gareth Williams and Simon Seaton named him Oliver, after Oliver Twist, the famous run away orphan!

Oliver was given ‘hogs and kisses’ to calm him down after his frightful ordeal, and was later taken to the RSPCA in Allesley to be looked after and rehomed with an experienced owner.

Local Insp. David Langston said:

“Our officers often face a variety of incidents in the course of their duties and regularly deal with more than crime.

“The officers who rescued Oliver, were subsequently dispatched to execute a European arrest warrant for a wanted man – no two jobs are the same, let alone no two days as the famous saying goes!

“Of course, we wish little Oliver all the best for the future.”

Oliver the rescue pig

Oliver the rescue piglet

An RSPCA spokesperson said:

“We work closely with the emergency services and are always grateful for their help. Oliver will now be cared for by the RSPCA until he is ready to be rehomed with an experienced pig owner.”

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