A multi agency operation hits Erdington high street

A multi agency operation takes to Erdington high street aimed providing the public with positive reassurance.

West Mids Police have teamed up with Out Reach and Amey to engage with shopkeepers, shoppers, homeless people and the wider public to help them with any issues they may have.


A police van with officers inside. It was parked at the top end of the High Street.

A police van was parked outside the indoor markets with officers talking to members of the public, telling them about why they were there and dealing with other general enquiries.


The team providing advice and support to a homeless person

Officers were working alongside other agencies to help people who are homeless or living in challenging circumstances.


As well as keeping an eagle eye on goings on, the police provide a friendly presence

PCSOs and other officers were walking up and down the High Street.


Officers with a ‘very loyal’ drugs dog on the High Street

A street warden told West Mids Live:

“They like to do about three of these a year if they can. The aim of these days is to provide the community with support and to give criminals the message that there is a strong police presence.

“There are police dogs going up and down the street that are trained in drugs sniffing.

“There was an arrest as part of today’s operation when officers witnessed a drugs deal talking place around the corner from Lloyd’s Bank.”


Amey doing their best to make the streets look clean

Amey were one of the agencies supporting today’s job, going down the street, picking up litter and obvious fag ends.

A passer by said:

“One of the things people here notice is the litter. Some people have no respect and think nothing of tossing things on the floor, despite there being ample bins in Erdington.

“It’s pleasing to see them doing this today.”


Three chaps going down the street litter picking

The weather was on side, as well, providing sunshine with highs of 18C.


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