Fair play! Shoplifter turned proud shop worker

Ex prolific offender, Roger Mann from Erdington, has turned his life around after years of drug abuse and is now a proud employee at Timpson.

After being well-known to police for his shoplifting addiction in Erdington which used to fund his drug habit, neighbourhood officer PC Stuart Toogood reached out to Roger to get him help and was persistent enough in his plea that Roger agreed to listen.

Roger was placed in a dry house, but without the support he needed, he continued to use heroin and crack cocaine.

He was finally admitted to rehab in September and was making really good progress. Believing he had tackled the addiction Roger discharged himself seven weeks into the programme.

Roger returned to the dry house, however within weeks he was hospitalised after overdosing and put in an induced coma for a few days.

The realisation hit home for Roger and with the support of police, he was able to focus on his recovery and fighting his addiction.

An action plan was put in place with an aim of getting him into employment. Within weeks, Roger has started working for the ‘Timpson Foundation’ a foundation set us to support ex-offenders gain a chance at employment.

Last month, Roger was employed full-time by the company and is loving his new role and new lease of life.

Roger Mann

Roger is loving his new role at Timpson

Roger said:

“Drugs were the cause of my problems – they were the reason I committed crime – I was an addict and ill. Prison and probation did not help me. Ironically, it took the police to finally get me the support I needed. 

“I have now rebuilt relationships with my family and Timpson have provided me with a fantastic opportunity. I now feel proud and have a purpose in life, I am very grateful for all the help I have received.”

PC Toogood said:

“This has been a great opportunity for our offenders and us as a force. To get drug addicts and shoplifters to see there is more to life can be really tricky. We are concentrating on those who have been unable to get the correct support.

“In the vast majority of cases, they only commit crime to fund their addiction − they are ill and we need to do what we can to get them better. This results in less demand for the police service and other agencies, less victims of crime and less money being ploughed into local drugs economy. Employment pays an important part in this process. The work and support Timpson offer, enables offenders to get a job and gives them some real responsibility and purpose. This dramatically improves their lives and relationships with their wider family.”

Timpson have also hired John Ford who has recently been released from prison. Thanks to his new career, he is doing really well in his rehabilitation and is thoroughly enjoying his new challenge.

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