He’s 38 and mugged a 93-year-old pensioner. Can you get any lower?

Lowest of the low, Carlos Crawford has been jailed for a shocking bag snatch in Bromford Road, Edgbaston in which a frail pensioner was dragged to the ground.

Crawford of Bennetts Road, Washwood Heath attacked the 93-year-old woman on 24 January, pulling the pensioner to the floor before making off with her handbag.

The deplorable attack, brazenly carried out in broad daylight, was captured by a nearby CCTV camera. And the recording clearly showed the ferocity of the attack.

West Mids Police released the footage of the robbery as part of an appeal – which prompted widespread condemnation from the public – and helped officers identify Carlos Crawford as the prime suspect.

On 3 February the 38-year-old was arrested from a property in Rawlings Road, West Bromwich on suspicion of robbery and subsequently charged.

Crawford appeared at Birmingham Crown Court (04/03) where he pleaded guilty to the crime, and was ordered to spend the next six years behind bars.

Carlos Crawford

You can’t look at this guy for too long knowing what he’s done, Carlos the Coward, pensioner bag snatcher.

Speaking after the verdict Detective Constable Simon Kershaw thanked the public for their support in this case.

He said:

“People were understandably disgusted at what they saw in the video: a frail lady, using a walking stick, was attacked from behind and had her handbag torn from her grip. 

“It’s was a violent, callous offence on a vulnerable lady. Thankfully she wasn’t seriously hurt but the longer term impact of incidents like this – such as damaging the victim’s confidence and reassurance – can be very significant.

“Thanks to members of the public who contacted us; with the name of a likely suspect and, using other police intelligence, it led us to an address in Smethwick where Carlos was detained.

“Six years is a considerable sentence. I hope Carlos will use his time behind bars to reflect on the suffering he caused the victim both emotionally and physically, and use opportunities available to him in prison to turn his life around.”

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