Wolvo men banged up for firearm crimes

Four Wolverhampton men are facing nearly 35 years behind bars after being sentenced for firearms offences.

All four were arrested on 1 June last year after two cars were stopped by armed police in Fox’s Lane, Wolverhampton who suspected a firearms deal between the group a short time earlier at an address in Keats Road. A revolver and five rounds of ammunition were found in one of the cars.

Officers from the Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) arrested Leon Facey, aged 30 from Dunstall Avenue, Jamie Hall-Reid, aged 29 from Ardgowan Grove, Lanesfield and David Price, aged 30 from Genge Avenue, Lanesfield, at the scene. Lee Russell, aged 32 of Keats Road, was arrested later the same evening from his home address.


Top left clockwise: Facey, Hall-Reid, Price, Russell – jailed for firearms offences

Price, the driver of the car in which the gun was found, pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm and cocaine in July last year, but the other three denied the offences, with Facey claiming he had visited the address to quote for work on a wall and Hall-Reid telling the court he was there for festival tickets. Russell declined to comment in interview.

However a jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court did not believe their claims and, after a five day trial, yesterday (Friday 1 March) found Russell guilty of supplying a prohibited firearm and the other two guilty of possession of a firearm. Russell was jailed for 14 years, Facey was jailed for eight years and Hall-Reid given seven and a half years. Price was jailed for five years and four months.

Detective Chief Inspector Ronan Tyrer, from ROCU, said:

“Our work to take guns and those who use them off the streets of the West Midlands region continues and we will be relentless in our pursuit of reducing harm or potential harm to our communities. 
“I would encourage anyone who has any information or suspects anything regarding firearms or organised crime to get in touch. Police and partner agencies are here to help prevent crime and protect our young people.”

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