Open doors: Romanian scumbag who came to Brum theiving in his first 6 days

A Romanian pickpocket who flew into Birmingham to target people enjoying the Christmas markets has been jailed after beat cops caught him with his hands in a schoolgirl’s backpack. This open door policy is great, isn’t it?!

Filth: Trica Niculescu, had only been in the UK for six days when, on December 17, he was spotted unzipping an 11-year-old girl’s rucksack in New Street.

A stallholder had earlier witnessed the 58-year-old slip his hand into a woman’s pocket after she’d withdrawn money from a cash point.

“a worker has to work, a thief has to steal”

Trica Niculescu

Pickpocketing within the first 6 days of flying into the UK from Romania

He alerted two West Midlands Police officers patrolling the German market who collared Niculescu and arrested him on suspicion of attempted theft.

In police interview he admitted following dozens of people on the day and would have stolen from all of them had the opportunity arisen − and then brazenly told officers “a worker has to work, a thief has to steal”.

He admitted unzipping the girl’s rucksack, looking inside but said he didn’t bother putting his hand inside as there was “nothing worth stealing”.

Niculescu, of no fixed address but originally from Craiova in southern Romania, pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted theft and at Birmingham Crown Court on Thursday (17 Jan) was jailed for eight months.

West Midlands Police PC Mat Evans, from Birmingham Police’s City Centre Prevent Team, said:

“In sentencing, the judge described Niculescu as a ‘professional, international pickpocket who came to the UK to target the German market and ply his trade’. 

“In interview he almost came across as being proud of being a pickpocket and didn’t seem to express any remorse for targeting innocent people and even children.

“I’d like to thank the vigilant stallholder who spotted Niculescu at ‘work’ in the crowd and raised the alarm with us; had he not done so Niculescu may well have gone on to spoil many people’s night at the market.

“Niculescu should be deported from the UK upon completing his sentence.”

Birmingham Police’s Prevent Team patrols the city centre on the look-out for pickpockets and works with store management and security to combat retail crime.

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