Police take action against burglaries in Brum

Police across Birmingham have been out visiting members of the public and providing crime safety advice following a spate of burglaries in the area.

Officers have been to hot-spot locations in Birmingham, including Sutton Coldfield, Selly Oak, Moseley and Hall Green to promote property marking, increase intelligence and take positive action against those involved. Crime safety information has also been delivered to members of the public, promoting Neighbourhood Watch and WMNow sign-ups.

DNA and burglary kits were also handed out to locals, as well as using pavement marking in a bid to deter crime.

The DNA kits enable people to mark their valuables, making it traceable if it is stolen so it can be returned to the owner. Burglary kits include window alarms, door handle alarms and a timer switch.


Policing in the community

Dorothy – a resident in Sutton Coldfield – said:

“I was burgled only three weeks ago. I am still in shock. I lost my husband recently and this has been a massive blow. Since the burglary I have considered moving house but it has so many wonderful memories. I will get my property registered (with SelectaDNA) with the help of my son. The window alarms and timer switch are great. Thank you so much for putting my mind at rest. I don’t feel so much of a target now from speaking with you, just an unfortunate incident. I have repaired the outside light and my house alarm is working. I will make good use of the timer-switch!”

A student, who lives in the area, said:

“This is great! My friend’s house unfortunately got burgled recently so this is really helpful, thank you.”

A local landlord said:

“I have a few properties that I rent out to students. Now I have a SelectaDNA kit, I can ensure the properties are marked and registered. This is really promising that the police are taking an active approach to making residents feel secure.”


Crime prevention

PC Chris Thompson from Birmingham Partnerships, said:

“We understand being a victim of burglary or attempted burglary can be a terrifying experience.

“We want residents to feel safe in their homes and we are doing all we can to ensure they do not become victims.

“Pavement marking is a new initiative which we are exploring after seeing success elsewhere.  We want to make it really obvious that crime prevention tactics are being deployed and judging by the feedback from the community, this initiative will be rolled out further.

“We are committed to making it more difficult for burglars to cause misery to our communities and only by working together can we achieve this.”

You can find out more about SelectaDNA here

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