Loaded pistol among three guns seized in three days 

A handgun was found in a Ford Fiesta just before 7pm yesterday in Overfield Road, Russells Hall, after the car was intercepted by armed police.

A man bolted from the car and hid in the canal.

The 22-year-old – who is wanted for skipping bail and other offences – was quickly found submerged in the water and arrested on suspicion of possessing a firearm.

He remains in police custody today for questioning.

It follows the recovery of a loaded shotgun on Tuesday night (8 Jan) that was found in a bag discarded by a suspect following a foot-chase in Coventry.

Officers patrolling in Carter Road, in the Stoke area of the city, at 10.30pm gave chase after a man ran off on seeing their marked patrol car.

He was pursued into Roundhouse Road and Princess Close where he made off after clambering over a garden fence.

However, a search of gardens uncovered a bag that was found to contain a loaded shotgun; the weapon has been seized for forensic examination and efforts are on-going to try and identify the man.

And a Birmingham man has been charged with possessing a .45 self-loading pistol – with five bullets in the magazine – after cops on early morning burglary patrols stopped a car in Edgbaston that had jumped two red lights.

The recovered handgun was found loaded with five bullets

The recovered handgun was found loaded with five bullets

Officers pulled the Honda Civic over in Hannafore Road at 3.15am and a search of the vehicle revealed a silver handgun.

Matthew Coke, aged 41 from Selwyn Road in Edgbaston, was arrested and later charged with possessing a firearm and drink driving.

He appeared at Birmingham Magistrates Court yesterday where he was remanded into prison ahead of his next court appearance on 5 February.


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