Focus on crime in Walsall yields results

Crime in Walsall fell last month thanks to a new police blitz in the borough, West Midlands Police, claims.

Operation Focus, launched at the beginning of October, targets areas of the borough most hit by crime as well as the criminals who live in those areas.

Crime fell in November and December, with last month seeing 232 fewer offences.

There have been 114 arrests as part of Op Focus, which is aimed at cutting burglary, violence and vehicle crime as well as finding people wanted for domestic abuse.

Officers from the Neighbourhood Taskforce Team have made 69 arrests linked to burglary, robbery, vehicle crime and assaults alone.

Walsall Commander Chief Superintendent Andy Parsons, said:

“While this reduction in crime is a step in the right direction, we’re not going to get complacent. There is much more work to be done and officers are working around the clock to reduce crime and robustly deal with those committing it. We remain dedicated to reducing the harm caused by offenders in our community.

“We work closely with colleagues from force CID to ensure they are dealt with effectively and seek to charge and remand them where possible. On Christmas Eve – and after several attempts – one of our most wanted offenders was arrested, he spent Christmas Day in custody before being charged. He attended court on Boxing Day and was then released with strict bail conditions.

“We also rely on members of the public for help in taking criminals off the streets – so if you know about crime or criminals operating in your area, we’d urge you to tell us so we can take action.

“As always, we’re committed to reducing crime in Walsall and providing reassurance to our local communities.”

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