Netherton: Well-Known Pub Shut Down Due To Violence

NETHERTON’S The Crown, Simms Lane, has been seized by West Midlands Police after a spate of crimes including drug dealing and fights involving weapons.

17 incidents surrounding the pub were reported involving drug dealing, anti-social behaviour, fights involving weapons and criminal damage.

Officers took action after calls involving the pub increased ten fold during 2018.


“Violence, drug-dealing, weapons”

CCTV of an attack was stolen at knife point after a man was assaulted with a metal bar on the car park (October 20).

Men armed with machetes and cars ramming into parked vehicles were the subject of reports to officers with two sustaining serious injuries who are still in hospital. (Incident reported October 27).



Magistrates in Wolverhampton have given a period of three months for the pub owners to address the issues when they will make a final decision on whether the pub will stay closed for good or not.


Wolverhampton Mags

Wolverhampton Magistrates will decide on final outcome

Chief Superintendent Sally Bourner, Dudley Borough Police Commander, said:

“The licence holder and duty manager of The Crown had a duty to protect their customers but failed to do so, resulting in serious acts of violence against innocent people.

“The incidents at the pub led to us taking this robust enforcement action in conjunction with Dudley Council to keep our communities safe from harm.

“Violence has no place in this borough and we will continue our relentless endeavours to tackle it.”


Sally Bourner

Chief Superintendent Sally Bourner, Dudley Borough Police Commander

James Jones, Dudley Police’s Licencing Sergeant acted quickly to secure a closure as soon as the problems worsened.

Sht James James

James Jones, Dudley Police’s Licencing Sergeant

Following the court hearing, he said:

“The violence spiralled in short space of time, and because The Crown is on a residential estate opposite a school it was really worrying for everyone living nearby.“Within ten days of the first serious incident we’d signed a closure notice and started legal proceedings.“The outcome means the pub will remain closed for at least three months. We’ll be working closely with the owner who’s going to refurbish the pub and remain hopeful it will reopen as a family pub for locals to enjoy.”

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