Fire rips through Himley Hotel & Country Club

The Himley Hotel & Country Club has been saved from the possibility of permanent closure after a fire, which required FIVE fire engines to control it.

Firefighters from both South Staffs Fire & Rescue and West Midlands Fire Service were called at about 5.20pm on Wednesday Oct 17.

The fire had started in a fryer in the restaurant’s kitchen.

All staff and residents were evacuated.

Six firefighters wore breathing apparatus and used two hose reel jets along with a main jet to put out the flames.

Fire doors

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Technical Safety Lead, Matt White said:

“The fire started in the kitchen and that room has now been completely gutted. However, everything on the other side of the kitchen fire door is fine. The hotel is still trading and residents have been allowed back into their rooms to resume their stay.

“Had it not been for the fire doors the blaze would have undoubtedly spread to the rest of the building and could have caused considerable damage. The doors did their job and contained the fire. Everyone got out and stayed out so thankfully, no-one was injured, either.

“Although it isn’t possible to prepare food at the premises, people are still able to use the bedrooms and the hotel’s business continues with minimal disruption. This shows that fire doors really do work.”

West Mids Live approached the hotel for comment but received no response.

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