Weather across West Mids set to improve after torrential rain and heavy winds

The forecast for the West Midlands is set to improve after the recent spell of stormy weather.

Torrential rain and heavy winds have battered the region over the last couple of days, bringing a nasty end to the mini-Indian summer where temperatures rose to more than 20C, earlier in the week.

Roof panels at a factory in Wolverhampton had to be seen to by West Midlands Fire Service after they came loose during Storm Callum.

A hydraulic crane had to be brought in for fire officers to inspect and secure the roof at the site on Lower Walsall Street – just outside the city centre.

They advised people to avoid that area for safety reasons.

There was a yellow weather warning put in place by The Met Office and drivers were told to be aware of the risk of flash floods.

Police reminded people to take extra care whilst out on the roads, reducing speed significantly where necessary, to drive with two hands on the wheel and to pay extra attention.

Met Office forecaster, Simon Partridge said:

“It will be a pretty wet start to Saturday morning, where there will be rain across most of the West Midlands, with some heavy bursts. It will still be quite breezy but not as windy as Friday.

“The good news is that things will improve through the middle of the day where it will be drier and brighter but still staying fairly windy. It will be fairly warm with temperatures around 19/20C in the West Midlands on Saturday – which is pretty warm when on average for this time of year it is around 14C.

“Overnight into Sunday a band of rain will sweep across the West Midlands, but will be all cleared by the early hours and the winds will ease.

“By Sunday morning it will be a much drier and brighter day and it will get better as the day goes on. Temperatures will be back down to the average for this time of the month.”

Last year, a woman died on the High Street in Wolverhampton City Centre after being hit by falling debris from a roof during a similar wind storm.

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